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A message from the County regarding the piers at the boat lunch sites


Krakow/Dredgebank dock will be put in this afternoon (4-9-19). 

Hwy. C will have a temporary dock by Saturday (4-13-19).  



Patrick Kilbey

County Conservationist

Marquette County Land/Water Conservation

Click on the link to see what has been happen with the District the last few months.
A Minute With The Chair

Board Meetings will be held the second Saturday of the month until October, 8:00am
Packwaukee, Town Hall, N3511 State St. Packwaukee, Wi 53953

Next Board Meeting - Saturday, April 13, 2019 @8:00 am,
Packwaukee, Town Hall, N3511 State St. Packwaukee, Wi 53953
April Board Agenda

Notice To Bid
Notice To Bid For a Transporter

                            CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS:

Ro Klecz, Chair                                        331-262-9708 or 

Kelly Cosgriff, Secretary                         847-809-2984 or

Larry Haygood, Treasurer             

Vikki Trimble                                             608-697-2047 or

Bill Lewis                                          or 608-297-7527

Judy Nigbor, Packwaukee Representative -        608-450-0677

Jon Sheller, Marquette County Representative - 608-297-7444

                                          The Board is always looking for volunteers to assist on various committees

Harvesting Map Update

This link represents the approved map for harvesting for the 2019 season.

Read the details of the Lake Management Plan and recommendations for Buffalo Lake 

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About Buffalo Lake

Marquette County has 90 lakes. Buffalo Lake has about 50% of the water surface area. It was a natural lake formed by a downstream deposit of sediment in 1871. The level of the natural basin was increased by four feet. The Army Corps of Engineers constructed a low head dam under authorization of the River and Harbor Act of 1958, the Federal Government turned over control of the upper Fox River above the mouth of the Wolf River to the State of Wisconsin in June 1962.
Physical Data of Buffalo Lake
  • Acres = 2500
  • Mean Depth = 4.5 ft
  • Maximum Depth = 8ft
  • Length= 13.1 miles
  • Width 1/2 mile
  • Shore Length = 32.2 miles
  • Watershed area = 600 sq. miles
  • Normal outflow 12 days from the time water enters Buffalo Lake to the time it goes over the dam at Montello.
  • Buffalo Lake was named for the buffalo grass growing around the lake.

Lake Protection and Rehabilitation

On December 31, 1986, petitions were filed with the Marquette County Clerk requesting the establishment of a public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district in the Townships of Montello and Packwaukee, and the City of Montello. The petitions were accompanied by a map and description of the proposed boundaries.

Notice of a public hearing was published in the Marquette County Tribune on January 8, 1987, and mailed to the landowners within boundaries of the proposed district.The public hearing was held before the Marquette County Zoning and Planning Committee on January 29, 1987.

Buffalo Lake Protection and Rehabilitation was then declared organized and established.


Marquette County Lakes Association

Mission Statement: Our purpose is to promote the environmental protection and responsible use of Marquette County surface waters and their attendant wetlands, shore lands and wildlife resouces; to share ideas and information through education and active participation for the benefit of individual property owners, lake districts and associations, local government, the general public, future generations, and the waters themselves.

Marquette County Lakes Association Website

Friends of the Fox Lake

An organization that complements the activities of both the District and the Improvement Assn. is Friends of the Fox. FOF advocates responsible use, responsible re-use and preservation of both cultural and natural resources of the Upper and Lower Fox River System of Wisconsin (Buffalo lake is an integral part of this system). Current projects include the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway (Green Bay to Prairie du Chien), The Water Trail Portage Project and the Rapide Croche Transfer Station. For membership and additional information about these projects and how you can help, visit: